They were the success of last SMConvent edition and now they are back – short advertising pitches. This year you will again have an opportunity to appear on the stage and talk about your company or particular solutions. This is the chance to introduce yourself to hundreds of participants and social media experts, and what is more, it is the chance to familiarise them with your product.

You can have a permanent exposition showing your solutions, take part in all the lectures and create valuable networking in the biggest social media conference in Poland.

Advertising pitch should be max. 3-minute long. If you would like to have a multimedia presentation at the same time, please contact us at and write in the email subject: “Advertising pitch”. You should include the following information:

  1. Company name
  2. Product/service name
  3. Product/service description (5 sentences)
  4. Contact details

The organiser reserves the right to choose a presentation referring to the conference subject.

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