We recommend Smart Hotel

Are you looking for accommodation for Social Media Convent? We recommend Smart Hotel in Gdańsk-Wrzeszcz that has special discounts for all SM Convent participants.

Single standard room for two nights (21-22 April) costs 170 PLN. For double standard room you will pay only 170 PLN. Buffet breakfast – 24 PLN. For extended stay the hotel offers the same special price. In case of earlier arrival participants can also benefit from the discounts.

Booking available at rezerwacja@hotelsmart.pl. To get a special discount, please refer to SOCIAL MEDIA CONVENT 2016. After booking room, remember to include/exclude breakfast. Booking confirmation and payment conditions will be sent to you exclusively by e-mail.

More information about the hotel offer you can find at www.hotelsmart.pl.

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